Project for Protection of European Co-cultural Heritage (UK)

Project for Protection of European Co-cultural Heritage (UK)


Target Audience

University students, Turkish nation, European communities


Objective of the project

The Project for Protection of European Co-cultural Heritage focuses on the shared European cultural heritage. It aims to explain the links and resources of European cultural heritage and traditions. We have determined this particular area of interest as the nature of our multicultural and multi-disciplinary work.


What's been done?

The British European Cultural Heritage Project was implemented by the Proartadonco Association in London, the capital of England. It is part of the project, "European Co-Cultural Heritage Protection", adopted by the National Agency of England.

We generally have less knowledge of common cultural elements that integrate into the folklore and the folklore of the people. Taking courses based on the shared European cultural heritage is an opportunity for our organization and our participants. There is an opportunity to gain new experiences, professional positions and capabilities, especially with an innovative approach to delivering projects at home.

With structured courses and training in Greece and Turkey, we aim to learn and explore the resources of the common cultural heritage. He also focused on the needs of improving and developing Europe over the long term. Development is planned in our activities on these issues.

One of our goals is to develop new and innovative educational methods in teaching cultural issues to multinational and multicultural audiences across the UK and abroad. It is to educate more students and use them to explore wider opportunities.

She is planning 5 training courses within the scope of the project;

  • The practice of exploring early prehistoric European civilization on Santorini Island
  • Art, musical instruments, woodcarving, frescoes and modern paintings
  • Heritage of food culture from the centuries to the present
  • Intercultural education, centers of faith, societies, religious traditions
  • Traditional art that has been applied throughout the ages and has come to the present


Project Fund Institution: British National Agency


Project Duration: 24 Months


Project Partners: Social Mind Association (Turkey) and Helen Cultural Center (Greece)

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Until now, events and activities in England and Greece have been tried to be carried out face to face and online due to the pandemic. The activities in Turkey will be carried out in 2021 according to the conditions of the pandemic.

The results expected from the UK European Cultural Heritage Project are:

  • Participation in practical workshops (ceramic, wood carving, musical instruments)
  • Learning about food culture and Mediterranean diet
  • To develop cross-cultural awareness, explore other aspects of faith, architecture, art and everyday life to meet local people
  • Basic Greek and Turkish languages as a basic requirement in foreign countries
  • Visiting places of natural beauty and cultural significance
  • The truth about Greek and Turkish history and living in modern societies
  • Introduction of Santorini and Istanbul history, local products and traditions




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