Think Once Project

Think Once Project

Target Audience

Decision makers, managers, leaders, government agencies, NGOs, youth leaders, children-related workers


Objective of the project

Apart from solving the needs and problems, a human who lacks thought and contemplation, also prevents the formation of awareness. We leave a society that is "thoughtless”, "lacking judgment” and "undecided” for our children. Therefore, we risk the social life of our children, which we call "our Future"!

The objectives of the "Think Once Project” implemented in this framework are as follows;

  • Taking lessons from the past, conduct activities to ensure that institutions, organizations, organizations, managers and leaders working for children and young people can make the right decisions in turbulent and uncertain conditions.
  • To enable people who are already managers in public, private, university and NGOs to identify their capacity to think and their current situation.
  • Organize training, workshops, simulations, events, trips to improve their current situation.
  • To make decision makers recognize their abilities by taking lessons from the past; to make programs that are aimed at gaining vision to shed light on future life and business experiences.
  • To enable them to improve their own intellectual status and their efforts to accurately identify and identify their intellectual resources.
  • To contribute to the revitalization of the chain of "effect”, which is the focus of the world of thought and judgment with the data to be obtained.


Project Partners: İstanbul Governorship, Şişli District Governorship, İstanbul Sabahattin Zaim University, Faculty of Sciences Graduates Association of Science Foundation, Association of Quality in Urban Life, İstanbul Cultural Ambassadors Association,

Project stakeholders: Istanbul Medeniyet University, Istanbul Thought Foundation, Association of Townsmen.

Project Fund Institution: Ministry of Internal Affairs General Directorate of Civil Affairs


What's been done?

The Think Once Project lasted 1 years from 2018 to 2019 and was implemented and concluded efficiently. Many ideas have been developed with the project; a collaborative environment for social benefit has been created. Friendships and coitus are established among leaders. One of the most important achievements of the project is to recognize different thoughts, opinions, people; to do horizon-opening work on the future with different cultures. The maximum effort has been made to allow participants to have different ideas and opinions.

For active managers in NGOs, public institutions and organizations, local managers, universities and private sector organizations; the development of personality structures, education, workshop, implementation, simulation, the event, travel, visit and camping facilities have been designed and performed holistic programs with interactive sharing. .


Some Headings from Project Activity and Activities

  • Emotional and social intelligence
  • Multi-intelligence
  • Artificial intelligence / decision making processes
  • Business intelligence/decision making processes
  • Creative thinking skills
  • Practical thinking skills
  • Language positivity and basic life skills
  • Decision making methods
  • Management practices
  • Life with different thinking skills and differences
  • Reasoning
  • Consultation culture



Our thinking system can't regenerate itself. If the wrong ideas are adopted, a skeletal structure in everyday life that is dull, unoriginal, deprived of ideas is formed. Impersonation and memorization become common over time without thinking. We've become a society of great anxiety, worrying fears, and a culture of urgency. Due to the rapid flow of time, our mindset and thought lives cannot be renewed. In one sens, that's the end of the road!

Therefore, the development of decision makers, managers and leaders' thinking systems has become more essential than ever to update them to the present conditions, to ensure that they are making the right decisions on the "thought" axis with a management approach focused on children and young people!

In this context, training, events and activities were conducted to enable the participants to achieve gains, especially in the process of incorporating support mechanisms in the process of thinking culture, respect for differences, development of consultation culture, enriching the think world and decision making processes. With the participants and the experience we have gained, the work focused on a think Project should be continued and further work in this area should be done.


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