The Project “Special Teachers Connecting Us”

The Project "Special Teachers Connecting Us”




Target Audience

Teachers, Directorate of National Education, children and young people


Objective of the project

The pandemic process has unearthed a vast gap in the education systems of countries. This gap has taken away children's rights to education. Although Turkey has shared that it has been doing lessons through the Education Computing Network (EBA), which is a remote education system, it has been very low in terms of efficiency.


The project is to facilitate education by supporting the teachers of our students who are limited to education due to the obligations of the health requirements created by the pandemic process. Online training with the project is planned, and studies are aimed at using technology accurately and effectively.



Project Fund Institution: EU Delegation Think Civilian Program




The EU Delegation Think Civilian Program accepted the project, but the project failed to take place due to the continually underway of opening, closing schools and meeting a period where no specific date was given during the pandemic period.


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