Digital Entrepreneurship Project (UK)

Digital Entrepreneurship Project (UK)


Target Audience

Young people, young leaders, social entrepreneurs


Objective of the project

The DigitalEntrepreneurship Project was designed to increase the capacity of young people and young leaders in the field of digital entrepreneurship and to strengthen intercultural dialog. The project focused on raising awareness of civil society organizations with a social mission; on ensuring that they contribute positively to digital entrepreneurship and innovation and social change. It aims to identify opportunities and obstacles in the digital entrepreneurship model in our country and to raise awareness among the parties in this area.


What's been done?

The DigitalEntrepreneurship Project was implemented by the V2020 Visyon Leadership Intiative (Manchester) Foundation as a stakeholder of the project called "Digital Entrepreneurship Project", which was carried out by the National Agency of England . The fund-raiser of the project is the National Agency of England.



The project was not allowed to participate because our participants were not granted visa approval by the UK!

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