Thinking Specie Project

Thinking Specie Project



Target Audience

Extraordinary people, people who think differently, thought organizations, university students, public institutions,


Objective of the project

Flexible, quick and versatile thinking, sensitive to problems, having original personality traits, curious, open to criticism, having the ability to achieve different results in the same problems, do not make short-medium-long term plans, close to chaotic life philosophy, high imagination, entrepreneurial, intuitive, original, having extraordinary connections, questioning, empathic, developed a positive sense of self, risk-loving, people who have the majority of different (different) characteristics together around a network.

We will talk about the innovations and extraordinary works in the world with the people around to be formed. These conversations will be reported and spread.

Paul Arden said, "use your mind, think otherwise."



As the Social Mind Association, the project has been submitted to many institutions. However, until now, the institution to host this project has not been specified.




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