Social Library Project

Social Library Project


Target Audience

People of all ages, youth and children


Objective of the project

The Social Library Project is designed to realize the ideal of our country's quality human and powerful society and to transform society. The project aims to ensure that the leading and groundbreaking books reach more people in the context of strengthening human capital, social and cultural development, the detection of social problems, and the important work done to solve these problems.


What's been done?

Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Civil Society Relations has been applied for Project Support to the Social Library Project and accepted. The project is conducted in collaboration with many institutions. Cooperation meetings and workshops are held within the scope of the project. In addition, our announcements are continuing on the Internet through the communication channels of our social media and organization. The project will continue for approximately 1 year.


Project partners: Istanbul Cultural Ambassador Association, Association of Townsmen.


Project fund organization: Ministry of Interior, General Directorate of Civil Society Relations.



The solution to local, national and global problems will be possible with the change, development and transformation of the smallest building block of social transformation, the human. The change starts with the individual itself. That's opening perceptions, increasing personal potential, looking at everything that belongs to life from different angles. The best way to look at it differently is to read it! It’s free to read authors from all colors and languages. Individual efforts and diligence are very important in this sense and are actually a responsibility. What each individual can do in line with their own potential, reflected into society and societies transform through chain interaction. The world doesn’t change, nor does the human without changing the knowledge and consciousness of man. If you change, the world changes!

Reading is to be aware of other lives. As we become aware of other perceptions, other priorities, other pains, different ideas and thoughts… we realize that we have reached our point separately. This awareness teaches us to accept what is not like us. It shows that respecting ourselves and others is an indispensable necessity and virtue. Reading is reading yesterday, this day and tomorrow. The building of the powerful society will be possible by the empowerment of the minds. Reading is about strengthening the mind. The world doesn't change without a man's consciousness!

Deep transformations in social structures are the basis for the formation and development of new ideas. This is the eve of a time like this!

Now it's your turn! Suggest a book that has changed everything that makes you who you are, not just your soul, but the power of the book that you read to your principles. The lines that make a full spring cleanup in your memory, work inside you, touch you, shake you deeply, will also affect others, take personal journeys.

Come on! Suggest us the book that makes you say "One day I read a book and my whole life has changed", and you will be a part of the "Social Library"! And you can have your name on the project!

We need good readers on this project! If you recommend good readers around you, our project will be even stronger in volunteering.


Let's keep in touch with the donation and reporting of the book you're proposing.


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