Social Initiative Projects My New Job

Social Initiative Project "My New Job”


Target Audience

Young people, students, innovative leaders, NGO volunteers, public employees, private sector employees


Objective of the project

Growing and developing in all areas of political, economic and cultural culture over the past 10 years, Turkey is rapidly moving toward becoming an effective country not only in its region but also worldwide. This rapid change and development has also re-uncovered Turkey's need for new social leaders. These needs and demands are a major factor in the production and implementation of new social initiative projects in this area.

The Social Initiative Project "My New Job”, developed in this context, provides effective content that will also affect future leaders and civil society employees. The project, which was implemented to enable social entrepreneurial leaders to grow and work in this area, aims to raise the social leaders of the new Turkey. In this context, social intelligence focused on raising social and entrepreneurial leaders.


What's been done?

The Social Initiative Project "My New Job” has been implemented with the slogan "the Art of Sustaining Humanity: Social Entrepreneurship”. A wide activity and event course was held within the scope of the project, with content enriched by trainings, workshops, seminars and fairs.

All those interested in social problems with the project have been given training to bring awareness and expertise within social entrepreneurship. The project was attended by many people with dreams in the construction of civil society members and volunteers, university students and employees, public institutions employees and new Turkey.

The project, developed by the Social Mind Association, was funded by the General Directorate of Civil Society Relations of the Ministry of Interior. In addition, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Esenler Municipality, İstanbul Provincial National Education Directorate, Esenler District Governorship, Solidarity Association Teaching Staff supported with the same and financial contributions.



Institutional organization is insufficient for social and entrepreneurial leaders to grow. In this area, it is necessary to eliminate the misplaced rights of the entire society, especially young people, as well as lack of legislation and correspondence, lack of academic research.

In this context, the Social Initiative Project "My New Job” has been implemented; it has been endeavored to raise awareness about the development of infrastructure supporting social entrepreneurship, the establishment of joint sharing and communication, and raising young people.  The project focusing on Istanbul is capable of being a model for all provinces. It has been revealed that more projects need to be implemented on this area. The resulting data and reports have been delivered to the interested parties.



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