Do (not) be beaten! (Do) regenerate! Project

Do (not) be beaten! (Do) regenerate! Project



Target Audience

Children, young people, families


Purpose of the project

One of the main problems of individuals in our century, especially those of young age, that negatively affect the lives of people, is drug addiction. Within the scope of the project planned for our young people, who are rapidly drifting into this dark life day by day, it is aimed to make 30 young people who are selected by considering the social environment conditions they live in, as individuals who are beneficial to the society in both physical and mental dimensions.



Through our project, which would also be a model in the coming years, 30 young people who are at risk of being dragged into drug addiction within our provincial borders would be adapted to social life through social education, activity and responsibility program; they would be trained in at least one line of activity and brought into society as individuals who have goals and ideas and are loyal to their country.

Considering the time that 30 young people included in the project would be at school; our basic education, cultural and social activities were planned in a systematic manner on weekdays and weekends, their rehabilitation and care with animals; activities such as physical support with employees in public bakery factories and botanical gardens, volunteer work in libraries, social and cultural trips twice a week, artistic activities in line with their talents and desires in workshops were planned. However, the project calls of Yeşilay were applied but not approved!



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