Earth Mines Project

Earth Mines Project


Target Audience

Disadvantaged students in the Esenler, Güngören and Bağcılar area, superior students, teachers, families


Purpose of the project

According to data of TÜİK, Bağcılar, Güngören and Esenler are in a disadvantaged position compared to the population. There are unexplored special skills that continue their eduction at primary schools in three counties. These skills need to be identified, supported by their needs and provided a suitable training environment. The earth Mining Project has been developed to ensure that children with special talents who are unable to go to the Science and Art Centers (science) and therefore suffering from loss of rights are trained in accordance with their skills and abilities. This framework aims to provide education and infrastructure services for disadvantaged students.


Project partners: National Education Directorate of Bağcılar County, National Education Directorate of Güngören County, National Education Directorate of Esenler County, Esenler BİLSEM, İstanbul University, Bahçeşehir University


Project Fund Organization:Sabancı Foundation




According to the Regulation on Special Education Services, the individuals with special talents are individuals who learn faster than their peers, are advanced in creativity and artistic leadership, have special academic skills, can understand abstract ideas, like to act independently in their interests and show high performance (MEB, 2018).

Children with special skills are determined by the Guidance and Research Center as individuals who need special training. The families, teachers, guidance teachers, school managers, friends and the wider community of students who are specified will receive training, be informed and develop effective solutions that can support children in the classroom environment.

Within the scope of the project, special training programs will be created for all components by the academics working in related fields of universities in 2021-2022 academic year. In light of these programs, education will be given by field experts to families, teachers, guidance teachers, school administrators and other components of society (NGO representatives, public institution staff) of special talent students in Esenler County.

Teachers who are trained will provide students with training to support their skills based on individualized Training Plans in their Support Training Rooms. In addition, the competencies of families, schools and communities will be increased.

The Sabancı Foundation is in the process of approving project calls for 2021.



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