Social Entrepreneurship Project for Sustainable Growth in Europe (UK)

Social Entrepreneurship Project for Sustainable Growth in Europe (UK)



Target Audience

Young people, young leaders, social entrepreneurs


Objective of the project

The Social Entrepreneurship Project for Sustainable Growth was designed to increase the capacity of young people and young leaders in social entrepreneurship and strengthen intercultural dialog. The project focuses on raising awareness of civil society organizations with social missions and ensuring that they contribute positively to entrepreneurship and innovation and social change. It aims to identify opportunities and obstacles in the social initiative model in our country and to raise awareness among the parties in this area.


What's been done?

The Social Entrepreneurship Project for Sustainable Growth has been implemented by the V2020 Visyon Leadership Intiative (Manchester) Foundation as a stakeholder of the project called "Social Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Growth", which was carried out by the National Agency of England. This includes participation in the training and awareness program in Manchester from August 23 to September 1, 2018. 40 young people from 8 countries participated in the program. The fund-raiser of the project is the National Agency of England.



Social initiative is a model that has been widely seen in recent years. Accordingly, the need to assess and make decisions on the barriers, contributions and opportunities that social entrepreneurs have to face is increasing. Social initiatives should analyze strengths and weaknesses, opportunities, threats. In this context, it is important to complete the legal and financial legislation deficiencies in the field of social initiatives, social initiatives support, next-generation social enterprise practices, social entrepreneurship, especially in Turkey.


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